We “M/s K B Enterprises” is a leading reputed and trusted brand of all Civil Works activities like Building Constructions, Home Making/ Constructions, Factory Making/ Constructions, Renovations, Interior/Exterior, Road Makers with Government Projects and contracts like Indian Railways, UPPCL, Municipal Corporations and Development Authorities and all irrigations projects. The company was founded started its working by its founder “Late Shri Kuldeep Singh” in the year 1991. The company takes contracts to complete all the above activities with material and without material in both conditions, as per customer’s requirement.

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“Late Shri Kuldeep Singh”

Our Services in the all Civil Works with Material and Without Material

• Contract for Making Building and Multi Stories and Malls etc. as per customer’s requirement.
• Contract for Home Making like Kothi, Vilas and Government Employees Residential Quarters etc.
• Contract for all the Govt. Department Civil works like Roads, Offices etc.
• Contract for Home, Malls, Offices and Buildings Renovation as per customer’s requirement.
• Contract for Interior and Exterior works etc.

Service We offer​

Our Features​

Maintenance Support​

Our support and maintenance services help you to achieve your business goals & always help to our happy clients​

Interior Expertise

The interior design division is established as Design Research Studio to deliver high concept interiors, architectural design

Guaranteed Works

Risk free guarantees work best with high cost products, services, recurring billings, and products with amazing ideas

Quality Material

We put great effort in sourcing the right material for the right item, not forgetting the quality that of the material and manufacturing

Reasonable Price

A fair and reasonable price is the price point for a good or service that is fair to both parties involved in the transaction.

Experience Team

Our Experience team is a company focused on creating outstanding experiences for families all over the world.

Completed Projects - Ghandi Nagar, Ghaziabad

Completed Projects - Ghandi Nagar, Ghaziabad

Running Projects - Ashok Nagar, Ghaziabad

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